Alazka - Release a new music video

June 9th 2017
Internet (online)

Post-Hardcore is back like a 'Phoenix' to the flames!!!

Germany's Post-Hardcore quintet Alazka have released an official video for the title track off their forthcoming album 'Phoenix'. The new album will be in stores on August 25th via SharpTone Records. You can view the video for 'Phoenix' at the bottom of this page.

“We chose 'Phoenix' as the title track because it describes the overall message of the album. Life isn’t easy. It leaves its marks and scars upon us but these scars are what makes a life worth living. They shape our identity and tell our story when it’s all over. Every one of us is striving for something and in doing so we all make mistakes and fail from time to time. In the end we can rise over the pain like a phoenix rising from his ashes.” - Alazka

Pre-Order a digital copy of the album from iTunes to receive the tracks 'Empty Throne' and 'Phoenix' instantly - To order click on this link:

Alazka are:
Tobias Rische - Vocals / Kassim Auale - Vocals / Dario Sanchez - Guitars / Marvin Bruckwilder - Guitars / Julian Englisch - Bass

Check Out! the Video for 'Phoenix' Below... | |