Awake at Last - Release first single off new EP

July 7th 2017

Awake at Last release their first single off 'Life / Death / Rebirth'

Delaware Rockers Awake at Last have released new single 'White Rabbit', which is taken from the band's upcoming EP 'Life / Death / Rebirth' which comes out on July 7th 2017. Since the release of debut EP 'King of the World' in 2014. Awake at Last have gone on to log over two hundred and fifty dates throughout the United States behind the record, bringing with them a high energy show and charismatic persona.

The band's consistent touring quickly peaked the interest of a swathe of new fans, as well as some of the scene's top acts, with Awake at Last going on to share a stage with the likes of Hawthorne Heights, Famous last Words, Outline in Color and more. In late 2016 the band returned to the studio with Andrew Baylis (Sylar, Life on Repeat, My enemies and I) to record their sophomore effort, upcoming EP 'Life / Death / Rebirth'. 

The six track concept album navigates through the different aspects of human personality and consciousness with a musical dexterity that goes hand in hand with the theme, blending Metal with Alternative and more Atmospheric Rock giving nods to the band's wide range of influences.

Awake at Last are:

Vincent Torres - Vocals / Eric Blackway - Guitar / Imran Xhelili - Guitar / Tyler Greene - Bass / Jon Finney - Drums

Check Out! the Video for 'Purgatorium' Below...


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