BΔstille - Turn the Garden of Eden into a wild World

June 15th 2017
Cornwall, The Eden Project (Eden Sessions), UK

Showing Eden why they are so popular

BΔstille ****1/2 Set in the stunning setting of the Eden Project in Cornwall, The Eden Sessions are a series of performances by some of the World’s top music artists. Since 2002 there have been many World class artists to play the stage set between the two biomes which The Times called "The eighth wonder of the World".

Hailing from London, the five piece Indie Pop chart toppers opened their set with "Send them Off!' to an adoring full house of screaming fans. The stage set was emblazened with three ribbon like lighting panels wrapped around and throughout the stage and two wire figures which gives real depth to their visual performance. Vocalist and Bastille architect Dan Smith was a whirlwind of energy as he bounced around the stage without dropping a note.

The set was littered with fan favourites early in the set including 'Oblivion' and 'The Anchor' before Dan Smith climbed into the audience and made his way to the small mixing desk staging at the back of the arena. Dan began singing to the audience as they turned their backs to the main stage. He returned to the stage with a plethora of high five's before singing to the disabled viewing platform, ensuring everyone was included in their show.

Their backdrop and light ribbons were used almost as a 'fake news' channel as stock markets  and headlines flowed across them before an animated effigy of UK Prime Minister Theresa May appeared on screen to the mass disapproval of the crowd. Drummer Chris 'Woody' Wood made his way out from behind his kit to a second kit on the front of the stage, shortly before Dan once again made his way through the crowd once more. He created very intimate moments throughout the crowd as he sang to individuals before arriving at the back to perform their UK No.2 hit 'Of the Night'.

The set closed with 'Icarus' and a brilliant rendition of their anthemic hit single 'Pompeii'. Overall the show was great especially in the visuals department and energetic performance but I feel that if the other musician were not so static, it would improve the show, however that in it's self brings big difficulties, so for me, not quite perfect.

Bastille - Setlist
Send them Off!
Laura Palmer
Things we lost in the Fire
The Anchor
The Currents
Bad Blood
Of the Night
Fake It
Weight of Living (Part 2)
Good Grief
Two Evils

Review and Photo's by Pete Webb

Check Out! the Video for 'Send them Off!' Below...