Beasto Blanco - S/T

(CD Album Review)


Feed my Beasto!!!

Beasto Blanco**** the band fronted by long time Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric, and their self titled album is the follow up to the bands critically acclaimed 2013 release 'Live Fast, Die Loud'. This album was endorsed by the likes of movie actor Johnny Depp, Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) and producer Bob Ezrin... to name a few. The effort was produced by Ryan Greene (Alice Cooper / Lita Ford /Mr. Big), and features eleven new tracks and an amped-up cover version of Alice’s hit song 'Feed my Frankenstein' that also features Alice Cooper's daughter and fellow Beasto band mate Calico Cooper.

The album opens with a swathe of Industrial / Electronica before bursting into a full on assault with the track 'Buried Angels'. Chuck's gruff voice is in complete contrast to the sweet sounding Calico, which seems to add a different dimension to the music. The tune from the new video release 'Grind' is second on the list, with a fist-pumping, head-banging tempo that just makes you want to start a mosh pit, no matter where you are.

A very chilled acoustic Blues riff gives way into a 'Jekyll and Hyde' version of the Alice Cooper tune 'Feed my Frankenstein'. Calico's vocal line is so clean and fairytale like, until Chuck jumps in with a ferocious pre-chorus. 'Carcosa' demonstrates the bass skills of Chuck brilliantly, before the powerful slow droning 'Death Rattle' comes into view. The spoken intro of 'Sadhana' builds the anticipation of the Blues / Rock track 'I Rise'.

Calico shows her more Industrial influences by delivering some awesome vocals for 'Machine Girl'. 'Honey' is the catchiest and tune I've heard for a while and my personal favourite from the album. 'Blind Drive' delivers a massive riff and a chorus to die for before the final track 'Damnation'.

A very dark industrial and killer riff combination with an awesome chorus, I can imagine that this would be a true spectacle live on stage. This is an excellent album to which I've listened to three times already this week. It has something that just keeps making listen to it again and again.

Review by Pete Webb

Check Out! the Video for 'Grind' Below...