Bowling for Soup - Drunk Dynasty

(CD Album Review)


An album full of Pop Punk Anthems!!!

Everyone knows that Bowling for Soup are a little silly, but that is what their fans want. 'Drunk Dynasty' is an album that lives up to their reputation, from start to finish. From the brilliant opener 'She used to be Mine', which is very cleverly written... to the retro sounding 'Sh*t to Do'. This song sounds so Retro, like it was recorded in the 80's by Andrew W.K., yeah it is that good. I am not the biggest fan of this music anymore, haven't really been into it since I was fifteen. But even I find myself singing a long with the songs. Their catchy and really get stuck in your head.

'Hey Diane' and 'Go to bed Mad' sound very Blink 182, while 'Catalyst' is more of a Rock anthem... done the Pop Punk way. It has the most feeling on the album, well I think it's the only way Bowling for Soup could have done a love song. The long titled 'She don't think that it's ever going to work Out', is very Green Day, with a great clappy bit... and verges on 60's Rock 'n' Roll and Buddy Holly in places.

Sometimes we just want to tell people 'Don't be a Dick', and Bowling for Soup do that on this very record... with a track that is called that. It is a fast paced Rock song... and it's so good. You really can't believe that Bowling for Soup have found their form, and this is the record that could possibly make them uber famous. It is certainly their best to date, and well worth a purchase.

We don't want to ask the band to 'Stop doing That', a song that sounds in places like the infamous Toilet Boys gone Pop Punk. 'Hey Jealousy' is a great track, but is a little bit of a filler on this album... well compared with the standard of some of the others. But maybe it will be a grower, like the acoustic sound of 'Happy as happy Gets' and the Blues closer Country Green Day 'Time of your Life' sounding 'Drinkin' beer on a Sunday'. This is the standard of a Green Day album, not a Bowling for Soup album. When did they get this good, keep up the good work guys.

Review by Dan Devour

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