British sea Power - Bears to the Rescue!!!

June 22nd 2017
Bristol, Harbourside, UK


Turning the lights off and on in the Harbourside!!!

British sea Power *** are a band that name has been on the live circuit for quite a while now, but does anyone actually know their material. I have to say I'm at a loss, I don't really know. I have to say today, they are a little different than they are betrayed in their music videos. And I have to say at the start of their set you could mistake them for being a different band totally. Tonight they are supporting the Welsh Indie Rock giants the Manic street Preachers at this years Bristol Sounds event.

Taking place in the beautiful Harbourside in Bristol, which saw James Bay, Sigur Ros, Last shadow Puppets and Catfish and the Bottlemen playing their in 2016. Their seems to be a strong, outside concert culture in Bristol, with Massive Attack, Primal Scream and the Savages playing at The Downs last year as well. I think Bristol just has the right attitude for outside shows and art, which is shown in the whole street art culture that surrounds the city.

They set starts off with singer guitarist on vocals and then after a few songs swaps over to singer bassist on lead vocals. The subtle differences in their tone really makes a good contrast. Even if the band are lacking in energy at times. A theme that the rest of the band forgot to mention to their keyboardist trumpetest who is going all out at the back of the stage.

But the lack luster performance, doesn't get away from the fact they are great accomplished musicians that have really done their time and worked to earn their place as the main support act to the Manic street Preachers. Maybe this is a band that works a little better on your personal music device, because their sound is very good to listen to on the train to and throw from work.

They most definitely have the Indie Electronic Brit-Pop sound that was around from when they first started back in .... But they now have elaborated on it to make it more modern. Yes they have moved with the times to make themselves relevant in 2017 than even the Manic street Preachers. I think this is a band t has more of an appeal with an older middle age crowd, think people who like to cycle and you have it. Maybe they are cycling too and throw from work listening to them.

The bands set ... Is somewhat rescued by too giant bears, who decide to come out drink peoples beer and watch the show. I Think at this point more people are watching the bears than bands, as they walk through the crowd mashing about... Looking like they are going to crowd surf at any minute. I think the bears might be stealing the beer cause they don't want to wait an hour to be served at the bar and don't want to pay five pounds a pint.

I have to say I was a bit shocked to see the absence of the single 'Keep on Trying (Sechs Freunde)', which is very popular on YouTube from tonight's set. But their other two hit singles 'Bad Bohemian, Waving Flags' and set opener 'Machineries of Joy', which actually has cycling in the music video... makes up for this. I like British sea Power, but I would not say that I have really got into them... maybe they are a grower.

like Elbow are I really think they need to step in up a little bit, because they have been around for quite a few years now, and they should have more of a collection of classic hits to pull tracks from. They are more background music, which is nice to listen to when your chilling out. Like you hear on songs like 'Waving Flags' and 'Machineries of Joy' and I have to say in a chaotic World sometimes I think you need this. So it's great to have bands like British sea Power in your life.

I have to say though their very amusing and memorable and the venue is spectacular and beautiful and Staff are friendly and nice. Making everything even more enjoyable. Like having a mini Summer holiday in Britain like we used to have when we were kids... so we loved every minute of it.

British sea Power - Setlist 
Machineries of Joy
Bad Bohemian
What you're Doing
Lights out for darker Skies
Remember Me
Waving Flags
The Great Skua

Review by Dan Devour, Jon Cooper and Devorah Ward and photo's by Dan Devour

Check Out! the Video for 'Keep on Trying (Sechs Freunde) ' Below...


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