Burning Ground - Not making new ground, but good Heavy Metal

June 16th 2017

Italian Heavy Metal for you

Italian Heavy Metal band Burning Ground sing to Minotauro Records to release their new album 'Last day of Light'. Burning Ground is a Heavy Metal band from Sardinia (Italy) which is active since 2002 at underground level. Their music is characterized by various influences and genres including classic Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Thrash Metal.

During the year 2017 Burning Ground has terminate to record an eight track CD called 'Last day of Light'. The lyrical issues comprise the relationship between mankind and nature, expressed for example by greed, carelessness and exploitation.

Burning Ground are:
Maurizio Meloni - Vocals / Alessio Melis - Bass / Angelo Melis - Drums / Andrea Alvito - Guitars

Check Out! an album teaser Video for 'Last day of Light' Below...