Decapitated - Anticult

June 27th 2017
(CD Album Review)


Don't get yourself Decapitated by the 'Anticult'!!!

Ever since Decapitated overcame tragedy and re-launched themselves in 2009 they have little concerns with the constrictions Death Metal can put on itself. Since 2011’s 'Carnival is Forever' the band while retaining the Technical Death Metal they were known for they also mixed things up and weren’t afraid to make things a little well, accessible. 'Anticult' continues on with what started with 'Carnival is Forever' and continues from where 'Blood Mantra' left off.

'Impulse' kicks things off nicely with a cool introduction that builds up before the album explodes into life. 'Deathvaluation' has everything big riffs, frantic drums and Vogg is throwing out solo’s any guitar god you’d care to name would be proud of. Just listen for instance 'One-Eyed Nation, Kill the Cult' brings to mind The Haunted at their peak. This track absolutely slays, this is one of the best songs I’ve heard in years.

“Earth Scar” sees Rafal push his vocals and the band go slightly into Gojira territory in places. You will hear dirtier, nastier, faster and more technical Death Metal albums this year that will be 10 times more “Brutal” but they will also probably 10 times more forgetful and will disappear in the ocean of releases that come out on a daily basis. 

The songs on 'Anticult' and full of hooks, they are memorable and above all they are crushing. I can’t wait to hear these songs live, it’s nothing revolutionary... it’s not reinventing anything but it just works. It executed with an expertise that only Decapitated are capable of and there’s not a second wasted. As of late Hard core fans have criticised Decapitated for becoming a groove band. A fair point but they miss something, because they have branched out with their sound and they have pulled it off. 

Now think of it vice versa. If you take Pantera’s track 'Slaughtered', Pantera are pretty much who people mean when they say Groove Metal... it’s a relatively new term. Well around that time Pantera branched out and added Death Metal elements to their sound and pulled it off also. Which leads me to my final point. 'Anticult' is the Death Metal album Pantera would have released had Phil Anselmo had got his way.

Review by Joe Denby 

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