Decapitated - Tear Colchester to shreads!!!

March 8th 2016
Colchester, Arts Centre, UK


Poland’s finest make your ears bleed

Decapitated ***** With their, dystopian and biochemical imagery that fits their music so well, Decapitated come out to a 'Terminator' like introduction, they stand in darkness as strobe lights triggered by the drums light up the band, it looks awesome.

Although the setlist spreads across the bands career they stick mainly to the two latest albums. The band is so tight and plays with such precision they are practically mechanical them. The thing that makes Vogg such a great guitarist is how simple he makes it look.

Frontman Rafal Piotrowski has been in the band now for six years and has two albums with the band under his belt, he strolls across the stage and commands the crowd with such ease, his voices is more scratchy and less deep then the bands two previous vocalists but on tracks like 'Day 69' and the classic 'Spheres of Madness' he adapts the songs to his style and owns them.

With every passing year Decapitated become more important and although Vader paved the way for them it’s becoming more evident the apprentices are over taking their masters. 'Spheres of Madness' goes down amazingly; the song is almost the perfect Death Metal song and is now a classic. Attacking the crowd for one last time with 'Homo Sum' the crowd is left gasping for air.

Decapitated - Setlist
Exiled in Flesh 
The Blasphemous psalm to the dummy God Creation
Blood Mantra
Post (?) Organic 
Day 69 
Carnival is Forever
Spheres of Madness
Homo Sum

Review by Joe Denby 

Check Out! the Video for 'Instinct' Below...


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