Drake White and the Big Fire - A fire that will not go out

October 6th 2017
London, Shepherds Bush Empire, UK


There is a Big Fire in the room tonight

Drake White and the Big Fire ***1/2 are playing the legendary Shepherds Bush Empire in London, as support to Country new star Kip Moore. There is quite a buzz going around about both acts, so as Drake White takes to the stage the venue is packed. Yes! this show has been Sold Out for months, since seconds after it was announced as part of Country Music Week.

When he opens with 'Heartbeat' you realise Drake White really has something, the only thing is does he know how to channel it. I think his grueling schedule, and the fact he must have been worried that he could have been their for the Las Vegas shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival, which he played days before and only left to make this show. 

He just seems to be a little out of it, yes it does give a special feeling to his performance. But makes you think what he could do with tracks like 'Story' and 'Livin' the Dream' if he had his full mind on them. Drake White's connection with his band is really strong, and they are all really great musicians, who's old fashioned almost Hipster image and clothes go along with his. Making the band really stand out as a unit, yes they look very cool.

I have to say 'It feels Good' is one of my favourite songs, but I can't take it that serious. Because when it opens up with the line "Layin' with my lady on the riverbank, She looked over lazy and gave me a wink" and the word wink sounds like wank, the way he says it. So this song always makes me giggle, it is really catchy and it sticks in your head for weeks. So you will find yourself singing it, I know the whole crowd were singing it. The real question is, where they singing the original word or the word it sounds like... that really is the question.

Drake White and the Big Fire end their set with a great rendition of The Beatles track 'With a little help from my Friends', which they have really made their own. The song is really big, making you realise you could be possibly seeing the next big Country music superstar.

Drake White and the Big Fire - Setlist
Livin' the Dream
Makin' me look good Again
It feels Good
With a little help from my Friends

Review and Photo's by Dan Devour

Check Out! the Video for 'It feels Good' Below...


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