The Franklys - Comedown

(CD Single Review)


Frankly not impressed

The Franklys are a all girl Garage Rock band, with hints of the 70's Psychedelica to them and the London pub scene. I have to say I have seen many bands like this supporting bands like L7, The Donnas, The Paddingtons and even Babyshambles in venues all around London. The chords are really fuzzy and the vocals go out of time on the record and the music is not that well produced, the first track 'Comedown' does have a few nice guitar licks... but even they don't sound that original.

And I have to say the lyrics are just really predictable, It's almost like a bad version of an all girl Turbonegro... just without the costumes. 'Long Way' is a slightly better slow track, which is a little less obnoxious. But you feel like singer wants to be in a 70's version of Joy Division, which doesn't really go with the image or feel of the band so this doesn't really work.

I wouldn't buy this, and have to say I am very surprised that this band are doing as well as they are with the quality of this release. Maybe they are better live than they are on CD. To me they are Melodic Dreamscape Dirge. If you don't believe me on all this, have a listen to the track 'Comedown' at the bottom of this page.

Review by Dan Devour 

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