Guns 'n' Roses - The comback trail is real!!!

January 10th 2017
Tour, World

'The rumours are true Guns 'n' Roses are back!!!

Kevin C. Johnson of St. Louis Post Dispatch recently reported about Guns 'n' Roses’ much anticipated return show in the Gateway City. Some of us may remember when the band released a teaser last March revealing key cities in the US, which included St. Louis, only to drop it altogether when official dates were announced a week later. Despite all the hindrances in the past, this is welcome news not just for fans in the state of Missouri; but also around the globe, as all signs lead to Guns 'n'  Roses going on a World and maybe even a North American tour. There has been no official statement of said tour, yet most of us... especially North American followers can’t help but get excited about the fact that Guns 'n’ Roses will make a stop in different cities in the United States.

Axl Rose (Pictured Above)

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On the flipside Stereoboard revealed the band has already announced 2017 dates in Japan, Singapore, and Thailand, as well as in New Zealand, Australia and Dubai. G'N'R has yet to set foot here in Europe since their reunion, so in the meantime, let’s direct our energy to what we hope to see and/or read from them in their upcoming tour.

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The fact that frontman Axl Rose and legendary guitarist Slash can peacefully share a stage is a victory in its own right. It also helped that their 2016 'Not in this Lifetime' tour grossed somewhere north of $114 million. This relatively successful comeback even spurred various industries to ride GNR’s coattails and use it as viable leverage for their own triumph.

Slash (Pictured Above)

For one Data East released a pinball machine featuring the famous American Rock band. It has more than a few game modes, or guitar modes, with the group’s likeness, heightening the experience for players in terms of digital platforms

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You can find G'N'R pinball and other great games at Slingo by clicking on these link: /

European based company Slingo came up with an online slot machine variant dedicated to the band. Guns 'n’ Roses video slots highlights some of their most iconic musical instruments and studio albums that fans can enjoy in its gameplay. This is a must for any G'N'R or Rock fan... you played the AC/DC slot machine... now you have the Roses.

In essence, this is proof that Guns 'n’ Roses remain a legitimate influential powerhouse in the music industry. Based on the many reviews from music critics and casual fans, there’s no denying Rose sounded better than ever before. Everyone knows that this is Axl Rose's year, especially after his renditions of AC/DC songs last year... which everyone is still talking about to this day. He really did give Bon Scott a run for his money, and nobody including me... expected it.

We can even safely say he’s back in his element and his normal self. He showed up on time, rocked the stage, and made everyone happy. Best of all, G'N'R seems like they’ve breathed new life in to each other and discovered more reasons to enjoy doing it night in and night out. Here’s to anticipating more good things from Guns 'n’ Roses and, hopefully, a European tour soon.

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