Hacienda Classical - We 'Got the Love' for the Hacienda Classical in Bristol

June 24th 2017
Bristol, Harbourside, UK


Pure Ecstacy!!!

Hacienda Classical ***** For those that don’t know the history the Hacienda was a night club in Manchester open from 1982 until 1997 with its heyday being the early 90’s where it is credited with the rise of the acid house and rave movement. Two of the former DJs from the Hacienda, Graeme Park and Mike Pickering, have decided to revive the music giving it a new twist with the Manchester Camerata Orchestra proving the sounds.

With Bristol having it’s own music heritage, much of it sharing a heritage, with Massive Attack and Portishead also being early 90’s stalwarts and having a big dance music scene, it is certainly a perfect place to bring the rave music to the banks of the river. There is a growing atmosphere as the support DJ Deli G finishes his set and the multitude of musicians from the orchestra takes the stage. Of course this takes longer than a “normal” band as there are about fourty of them, followed by Mr Graeme Park who takes the decks high above the orchestra themselves, looking down like a Rave deity.

It really is a run through the classic rave tunes with the crowd having their arms in the air for the whole set and nobody seen not moving their feet. To be honest it was impossible not to drawn into the atmosphere and get dancing. Most of these songs are instantly recognisable from ‘This is Acid’ to ‘Free’ and ‘Show me Love’ all those tunes we knew and loved, we have a new opportunity to dance the night away to them. All with an orchestra so we can pretend we are being cultural too.

The tunes just keep on coming with ‘Needin You’ and ‘Yeke Yeke’ getting particularly good receptions and building the crowd even more. Graeme Park come down from his plinth for the next song, to be fair Peter Hook was on the billing but didn’t seem to be present, but Graeme more than adequately stood in to provide the vocals for yet another classic of ‘Blue Monday’, it was said that the profits from New Order basically kept the Hacienda club afloat in the early days so only fair they continue to get a payback.

The music really did, and does, bring people together from Dance to Pop to Indie and many other stops in between this has a mass appeal. More hits belt out including ‘Peace (in the Valley)’, ‘Ride on Time’ which really was one of the highlights, though like the best shows the best was saved for last. Rowetta from Happy Mondays retuned to the stage, having previously sung ‘Where love lives’ and the orchestra limbered up for ‘You got the Love’ which seemed the perfect tune to bring it to a close. Back in the early 90’s you would have never though that you would hear these songs played by an Orchestra, but not only does it work it is one of the best events I have been to

Review by Jon Cooper and Photo's by Steve Owen (Icarus Photography)

Check Out! the Video for 'You Got The Love' Below...