Halflives - Empty Rooms

July 10th 2017
(CD Album Review)


This band are just going to be so big!!!

Strangely this is the second album today that I have reviewed that has a track on it could 'Lone Wolf', so is there a big Wolf craze going on at the moment. Well I think their must be, because the Music Trespass Magazine mascot is actually a little Wolf called Ray Wolfston (I am Ray) so we like songs about Wolves here at Music Trespass.

This song has a Paramore, We are the in Crowd and New Years Day vibe to it and is a really sing-a-long track. I have to say I just can't stop playing it, it is brilliant. By the second track 'Mayday', you wonder why have I never heard of this band before. The songs are so well written and nothing is over done, they just seem to have great songs.

Their single 'Burn' is simply brilliant, the vocals by singer Linda Battilani are mesmorising verging on many genres from Country to Emo to Pop to even Dance. The song is really catchy and I can see this song going really high in the charts, it already has fifty three thousand listens to on YouTube so that is a great start.

If your a fan of Tonight Alive and female singers, you will love this. But I am not a big fan of female singers and by the time it hits the tracks 'Echo' and 'The Sickness', I am hooked. This would be a great album to listen to when your out and about, singing every lyric in your head. Their lyrics really seem to sink in, especially on the track 'Half Alive', I think this might be a future anthem for the band.

'Empty Room' is probably my least favourite track on the record, so I have no idea why this is the title track of the record. But this is still no filler!!!, and other albums would be possibly a single. But I think the main reason for it not hitting me hard, is the ending track 'Collide' that is just simply breathtaking. If you have to pick a couple of tracks 'Collide' and 'Burn' are the ones I would recommend to you.

Like all great albums, they have kept it short and sweet... only eight tracks. This is good, cause they are all high quality and hard hitting. This band have the recipe to succeed, they just have to learn how to cash in their lucky lottery ticket.

Review by Dan Devour 

Check Out! the Video for 'Burn' Below...