Iron Knights - S/T

(CD Album Review)

A slab of British Metal!

On been given Iron Knights latest self titled album the first thing I noticed was that Larry Paterson was on the drums. I was instantly intrigued as I have been following Larry since his time in Blaze Bayley and I reviewed an album by a band he played in last year. On doing a bit of research I was surprised to find it's the same band Iron Knights!. Things have evidently changed since that first album! Iron Knights formed from the ashes of Stuka Squadron they were a quirky cool kinda band they had a Gothic, war image with World War based lyrics. I remember giving it a pretty good review and ten out of ten for originality now it seems the whole band has left leaving sole member Larry Paterson to pick up the pieces and he was the new member to begin with!

Anyway Iron Knights have a new line up a more man on the street Image and a hell of a lot beefier sound! Their basically a new band that sound like a slightly heavier The Almighty no complaints so far! 'Falling from Grace' and 'Vicious Circle' plough through with big riffs and bigger choruses. 'A Chapter's Lesson' slows things down a bit and runs along a bit like a Therapy track when they get a bit depressing, it kicks in during the chorus and has a pretty cool solo in there too.

All in all Iron Knights is a straight forward Heavy Metal release. If your into the vein of Metal of the like of Therapy, The Almighty, Later Metallica you can't go wrong here. Granted it's not earth shattering nor is it trying to be on the other side of the coin it doesn't do anything wrong either. If you can get the edition with three bonus tracks which consist's of three older songs re-recorded with the current line up. I get the impression though that these songs will kick ass in a live setting. 

Review by Joe Denby

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