Kansas Smitty’s House Band - Party Party Party

August 14th 2017
(CD Single Review)


It's Party (Party, Party) Time 

Kansas’s Smitty’s is a new venue in London and their house band, and owners of the venue, is perhaps unsurprisingly, called the Kansas Smitty’s House Band. Having previously played the Jazz Café and Ronnie Scotts they are also very familiar with the more established names on the Jazz circuit in the capital and further afield. There new release for the summer is called basically what everybody want to do in the summer ‘Party, Party, Party’

As the title would suggest this is certainly a song that should be played loud at any summer party you are attending, a mix of Jazz and Blues and incredibly upbeat and infectious. In fact rather than being played in the East end of London it sounds more like it should be on river boat in New Orleans it has that much of an upbeat Jazz feel about it. I am not usually a fan of Jazz but you almost can’t help but like this.

If you like singing along to your favourite record, don’t worry either, you will soon pick it up ‘Party, Party, Party’ and that’s your lot. But when a record has this much energy in the music you don’t need overly thoughtful lyrics getting in the way, just enjoy it. That’s not to say it is a novelty record either, there is great musicianship in there, one for fans of Jazz and fans of having a good time alike.

Review by Jon Cooper

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