Killswitch Engage - Incarnate

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Incarnate everything into their new record

With the reunion dust settled and Jesse Leech well and truly settled back into the band, it’s almost as if he never left at this point. Killswitch Engage crack on with their sixth album (seventh if you insist on including 2000’s self titled) 'Incarnate'. In all fairness not a lot has changed sound wise, the band are on to a winning formula that anyone else tries they seem to fall flat.

Although they get a lot of credit for creating the “Metalcore” sound they were really just the breakthrough band, but with an era of metal seeming to pass with Killswitch and Lamb of God being the two bands from that time that haven’t  split up of resided to playing clubs the band have a nice little niche carved out for themselves.

Killswitch Engage whether fronted by Howard Jones or Jesse Leech mastered the heavy screaming verse with soaring anthemic chorus recipe and they continue to do deliver on this release. It’s a case of business as usual but in the best possible way, the band is confident and play all their strengths up front. The opening track 'Alone I Stand' confirms all you need to know.

There’s crushing parts and some beautiful melodic parts. What’s most important is that the band still sounds fresh and is still pushing forward. The real break from the norm is actually on the closing two tracks 'We carry On' and 'Ascension' these tracks are slower and bring to mind a crushing yet massive scope. Think Jesse and Adam D’s side project Times of Grace or even Progressive Metallers Textures.

Simply put Killswitch Engage are miles ahead of their pack in the same way Metallica were ahead of the Thrash bands they came up with, they are still firing on all cylinders and if you are a fan there’s no reason to stop now. While it’s not a massive leap forward it’s a great addition to their catalogue.

Review by Joe Denby 

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