The King is Blind - Are the future of Metal

March 8th 2016
Colchester, Arts Centre, UK


Did rising Metal stars live up to the hype!!!

The King is Blind **** is one of the bands, that seem to be on the tongues of many a Metal fan in the UK. And after blowing away the Damnation festival earlier this year and dropping one of the best debut albums to come out of the UK in recent times the buzz for The King is Blind is now at boiling point.

Coming out with a no nonsense approach the band blasts through their half hour set playing cuts from their debut full length 'Our Father'. An album you really must add to your collection, I know I have now bought it.

From fast and shredding tacks like 'Genesis Retracted' to slow burners like 'Devoured' the band display they can deliver heaviness in its truest form and don’t need to rely on blast beats and w**kery that so many “Extreme Metal” bands rely on today. This is a band with so much more to offer, and they really do offer it.

The main let down if there is one is that the band finish really as the crowd are warming up, a few faithful down the front showed their support throughout but as the others are being coming round the band drop 'For all the Daemons are Here” the crowd are warmed up and many are converted.

The King is Blind - Setlist
Genesis Retracted
Fragility becomes Wrath 
Bloodlet Ascension
For all the Daemons are Here

Review by Joe Denby 

Check Out! the Video for 'For all the Daemons are Here' Below...


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