Landscapes - A landscape of heavy sounds

November 9th 2017
London, Underworld, UK


Eighteen years is too long to break into the 'Modern Earth' !!! 

Landscapes *** tonight hit the London, Underworld in the heart of Camden, as support to the Hardcore / Metalcore legends Eighteen Visions. They come to the stage with a strong determination, and address the crowd... before breaking into a chaos of Hardcore sounds. They command the stage well, and you can see this is the right environment for them to impress.

The band have received moderate reviews for their new album 'Modern Earth', but I have always expected more from this band... which can feel a little bit samey at times. But you can't really fault their determination live, because they put their heart and soul into every performance, and the singer has a great deal of attitude.

The only problem I have is, would you remember it the next day. And I have to say in places I didn't, which made this review even harder to write. I find at times that Landscapes are a soundscape of sounds, which verge in some points on haunting instrumentals that are blended in to a barrage of common Hardcore and Post Punk. I do think the band has a lot of talent, especially in singer Shaun Milton who onstage is electric and really leads the show.

But for a band that has been going since 2009, you really think you would know some of the songs. For a band that has been going a massive eighteen years, they have not released a lot of material. They have only done two albums and one EP. I think you have not seen the best to come from Landscapes, but I think they need to re-invent the mold a little to go to the next level. 

The only questions is, will they ever get there, they have took eighteen years to get to where they are now and for most bands it would only take them about four to five. So I have to say I am a little disappointed in this band, but I will always give them another chance. A little bit of Irony eighteen years of the band, and their back supporting Eighteen Visions.

Review and Photo's by Dan Devour

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