Last great Dreamers - Glitterball Apocalypse

(CD Single Review)


The sound of Camden during the 90's is back!!!

Last great Dreamers in the mid 90's were once pronounced Kerrang!'s 'Best new Band' and were on the verge of Rock 'n' Roll stardom... but just didn't quite make it to the heights that everyone expect. But now they are back twenty years on, with a new album and this great new single.

I am a little confused why the beginning intro to the song sounds like 'Don't Cry' by Guns 'n' Roses and then it bursts into a sound that bands like T-Rex and Thurman were famous for. The song is a little dated, but very catchy at the same time... with hints of Honeycrack and The Wildhearts in depth in the sound. I think the band have stayed true to their roots and the sound of the mid 90's.

In a way I quite like this song because of this factor, and the fact it reminds me of my youth when I used to spend my time going to see bands like The Quireboys, Dogs D'Amour, Rachel Stamp and Janus Stark. Nowadays we are having a bit of a retro revival, so who knows this track could do quite well.

Review by Dan Devour 

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