Life of Agony - Take you to a place where there is no more Pain!!!

March 17th 2016
London, Electric Ballroom, UK

The sound of the Hardcore Underground goes mainstream in London

Life of Agony ***** have been a force to be reckoned with, since their performance at last years Graspop festival in Belgium. There is quite some anticipation for their new album 'A place where there is no more Pain' to come out. If you don't already know Life of Agony you have really missed out because this New York Hardcore band have one of the best and most flamboyant singers in the business in the form of Mina Caputo.

The venue becomes packed just before Life of Agony take to the stage opening like normal with the awesome 'River runs Red' off their huge album of the same name. You know that tonight was well worth the wait. And the fact they hit you hard straight away with this track and the single 'This Time' off the same album, you know that Life of Agony mean buisness and have come here tonight to impress.

Life of Agony have never been ones that have been self indulgenet and tonights set includes material from all of their albums including 'Other side of the River, Lost at 22' and 'I Regret' from 'Ugly', 'Weeds' from 'Soul searching Sun' and a track from the album 'Broken Valley' an record I really love. So I wonder why they don't play more songs from it, But 'Love to let you Down' is a great addition to the bands set. It has a really driven sound, that launches at you and makes you want to move around.

The connection between all band members is really close and this shows in the way they play, and all know how to do their part. Joey Z is brilliant on the solo's and Alan Roberts does his Hardcore thing. This is really shown on classics like 'This Time, Through and Through' and closure 'Underground'.

I think their is a lot more interest in Life of Agony in the last few years not only because of how jaw dropping Mina is now. I think this is because her voice is better than ever and there is something so irresistibly free and authentic about her now. She can carry a set on the strength of her charisma, and her movement on stage is mesmerising.

She is charged with a contagious energy of aliveness, which she spreads through the audience like a tornado, and you feel now knows better than ever how to connect with her fans new and old, picking just the right moment to come out to sing with the crowd, and making just the right amount of eye contact. Also the way the new songs in the set are as good as any of the old ones, shows this is a band that can do no wrong.

She has a diverse mixture of fans for a NY Hardcore band, from die hard mosh pitters. to more sensitive types that followed her solo projects... they all just love the music. Some of her audience have waited over ten years to see the band play in the UK and it was the first time they had seen Keith as Mina in a live show,

She doesn't make a big thing of the sex change, just a reference at the start of the set... to the excellence of her new assets. This raised a cheer from her more die-hard fans, and enough said about that now - the show is about her presence and power of the music and that is what really counts.

But this is not totally the Mina Caputo show, all members of the band Joey, Alan and Sal are just simply brilliant and when you add this to a packed crowd, it really made a night that we will never forget. I think Life of Agony are going for World domination and if they keep this standard up, I think they will get it.

Life of Agony - Setlist
River runs Red
This Time 
Other side of the River
Love to let you Down 
Method of Groove
Lost at 22 
I Regret 
Through and Through 
My Eyes
Bad Seed

Review and Photo's by Dan Devour

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