Lord of the Lost - The lost boys come to London

September 9th 2017
London, Islington o2 Academy, UK

The Dark Germans make a big impact in London

Lord of the Lost ****1/2 have been making waives in Germany for quite a while yet, but the LOTL craze had not reached the UK... well it hadn't to now. It's been a year since they released their last album 'Empyrean', and they have just been through their classical ensemble experience. Which will be continued with the release of 'Swan Songs 2'.

Songs that we hope we hear different versions of live shortly, the thing is Lord of the Lost is more furious on stage now. This might be because they have recently toured with Combichrist, who are a really crazy live band. I think this has rubbed off with Lord of the Lost, because they tonight are even better than ever.

The only thing I do find is that sometimes in tonight set, you cannot hear all the melodies because they are drowned by the new heavy live sound. This is the case all through their set, until they hit their hit single 'La Bomba'. This song you can hear every part of... every melody, and I just wish this was the same for other songs.

I think one of the bands best songs is 'Six feet Underground', this track really shows what the band can do when they really put their mind to it. Also shows that this band could be one of the biggest bands in Europe, if they just put their mind to it. 

'La Bomba' I have to admit is not my favourite song in the bands set, it's a little cheesy but their fans sure seem to love it. Especially when the band do the dance moves from the video, move back and forth in rhythmic motion. They really know how to command their audience, and the fact this band are so nice and know how to treat their fans. 

All this makes the band far more appealing, also the addition of new guitarist Pi I think is the right move forward for Lord of the Lost, he really gives a new dynamic to the band and looks really good on stage. The thing I like about Lord of the Lost is that they know what the fans want, and they give it to them on a plate.

This is why I personally think that Lord of the Lost are going to conquer the UK in the next few years, so go to see them when they come back to the this country next year. They really triumphant at the London, Islington o2 Academy.

Lord of the Lost - Setlist
Intro 'Empyrean'
Dag me to Hell 
Kill it with Fire
Six feet Underground 
Fists up in the Air
The love of God
I.D.G.A.F (Long End)
La Bomba 
Doomsday Disco

Review and Photo's by Dan Devour 

Check Out! the Video 'Six feet Underground' Below...