Mantar - Ode to the Flame

(CD Album Review)


Sending hipsters and purists into a frenzy!!!

Mantar are a two piece from Germany.  'Ode to the Flame' is their second album and first for Nuclear Blast. The group is being touted at the moment as Black Metal which will send Hipsters and purists into frenzy. In all fairness, be it the band our their press officers selling this album as Black Metal is a bit of a cheek but in a way that is where the genius of this album lays.

Black Metal today has been stretched in so many directions that who really is to say what is and what isn’t anymore. I have to say though I see Mantar opening for Marilyn Manson before I see them opening for Mayhem. It’s more of a purvey Glam Rock in many ways and while the album has hints of Doom and Punk with a Crusty Black Metal finish it has aspects of all forms of extreme music but the most extreme thing about the album is how accessible and how god damn catchy it is.

There are big riffs, hooks and catchy choruses and with all this the album sounds unique and manages to still ooze a f**k you attitude, it is dirty and dark and genuine. It’s everything that pisses Metallers off and it just works. As a two piece I hate to call them the Black Metal Royal Blood but sorry, they just are. 'Era Borealis' with it's stomping chorus is bound to be a live favorite, I like how they take things a bit darker with 'Born Reversed'.

There’s also a spooky organ that creeps in the background here and there which is a nice touch. 'Cross the Cross' also is a highlight. It’s instantly catchy and Rocks like a bastard.
The thing with this band is you just know they are going to be huge and good luck to them. I like them strictly for who they are going to piss off!.

Review by Joe Denby

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