Mayhem - Psywar

(CD Single Review)

Mayhem release catastrophic new material!

Ahead of their forthcoming album, Mayhem have released a lyric video for new track 'Psywar' which is a good way of wetting our appetites for the new release. This is the first material since the bands later masterpiece 'Ordo ad Chao' released in 2007 and the first to feature new guitarist Teloch.

In a way I didn't want any new material from Mayhem because I didn't know how they could possibly top 'Ordo ad Chao' especially since Blasphemer was no longer in the band and he wrote the majority of that demented album. Well all doubts are blown away after hearing this latest wretched bastard of a track! Mayhem are well and truly alive and the if this track is anything to go by then Behemoth need to be very worried.

 'Psywar' is just bewildering, it attacks you with a blast beat and shredding guitars and Attila's tortured vocals. One thing that you immediately notice is the murky production of their last album is done away with and a clean crisp sound shines through and sounds awesome. 

The track stops and slows to a quiet ambient part with Attila whispering and it explodes back into action bring the song to an awesome climax then abruptly ends like a plug being pulled and your left wondering what the hell just happened. This has been a great surprise, I can't wait for this new album it's one I will run out and get 

Review by Joe Denby

​Check Out! the lyric Video for 'Psywar' Below...