Melechesh - Bringing some culture to London

April 8th 2016
London, Boston Music Rooms (The Dome), UK


Show why they are being talked about... so much!!!

Melechesh **** It’s been some time since two bands toured together that were so different and yet equally had so much in common. Melechesh and Nile’s European tour reaches London, Melechesh take to the stage to the aroma of burning incense sticks which were stuck to their monitors.

The main thing that comes across tonight is for a band that is so associated with Death and Black Metal Melechesh actually have a lot of Classic Rock and traditional Metal in their sound. The band sense of rhythm and melody matches their speed and aggression and yes they shred and blastbeat with the rest of them, but the variety on display is so refreshing.

Every song sounds different while retaining the bands unique stamp on the Metal template. The Middle Eastern element to their sound also is just as vital to their sound as Metal also. Melechesh are doing to Middle Eastern Metal, what Demonic Resurrection did to Indian music... both adding a great brutal edge to their music,

Front man Ashmedi has a commanding presence and charisma and as he leads to band and with the hypnotic groove of 'Multiple Truths' they collectively whip the audience into frenzy and there is an awesome atmosphere throughout the venue.

While the band have been in existence since 1993 and they are enjoying more recognition than ever before in a time when Behemoth’s Nergal and can become a judge on 'The Voice”'given the opportunity Melechesh can cross over to a much wider audience. The band leaves the audience well and truly warmed up and awaiting with baited breath for their return with a headline set.

Melechesh - Setlist 
The Pendulum Speaks 
Tempest temper enlil Enraged 
Ladders to Sumeria 
Grand Gathas of Baal Sin 
Deluge of delusional Dreams 
Multiple Truths 
Triangular tattvic Fire
Rebirth of the Nemesis 

Review by Joe Denby 

Check Out! the lyric Video for 'Multiple Truths' Below...


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