Meshuggah - Thundering down in Kentish Town!!!

January 20th 2017
London, o2 Forum, UK


Meshuggah are just incredible, thirty years on they're still going strong

Meshuggah ***** Tonight's show at the London, o2 Forum is completely SOLD OUT!!! and this is because Meshuggah are in town and everyone wants a piece of them. "Meh-Shug-Gah!!!" the crowd chants to a stage set in darkness with an eerie noise rings out across the Forum. The tension is palpable, the very air that fills the room becomes more weighted. Then it happens, Meshuggah appear on stage and the rest is frankly incredible.

The sheer might of this band and their presence is almost overwhelming. Like on some of their records, it's so heavy... that it can be hard to deal with or listen to if your not a fan... but I am a fan. After one hour and fifteen minutes frontman Jens Kidman speaks for the first time, quite simply saying "Hello London, how are you? this song is called 'Bleed'" and back in we go, to the onslaught. Soon after 'Bleed' finishes a wall of Tron / Alien esq.lazers flood the venue - something that had not been hinted at once throughout the former section of their set.

Lasers you see in films that scan you, lasers that make you feel like you're at a nightclub or 90's illegal Rave. The mix of the lighting setup and the pounding music provides a phenomenal spectacle, that makes the evening even more enjoyable.

Meshuggah are such masters of their game and craft, which is Technical Death Metal mixed with Doom and Thrash Metal. Meshuggah mix all these up, but stay unique at the same time, and unlike other bands sound exactly the same live as they do on a binary format. So you really do get value for money, when you purchase a Meshuggah concert ticket.

The show is truly impressive and would be an accomplishment for any band, but even more for one that is thirty years old this year the level of technical skill is second to none. Not many bands can claim to have held themselves to such a standard after a number of years let alone decades. I really do not think I will ever see a more technically proficient, dedicated and hard hitting band this year. The was an incredible gig, you must see Meshuggah.

Meshuggah - Setlist
Born in Dissonance
Perpetual black Second
The Hurt that finds you First
Do not look Down
Violent sleep of Reason
Dancers to a discordant System
Future breed Machine

Review and Photo's by Rich Broome

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