Michale Graves - The Crimson Ghost is Back!!!

January 28th 2018
London, Camden Underworld, UK


Beware of the Scarecrow man!!!!

Michale Graves ***** is best known for being the permanent replacement for Danzig in the Misfits back in 1995 leaving the band in 2000 with only bassist Jerry Only and touring singers Myke Hideous and Zoltan Teglas... ever singing for the band. With the famous Misfits reunion with Danzig happening as we speak, there is a bit of craze going round for the Devilocked Punk Metallers.

And tonight is London's turn to receive a touch of Horror Punk, and we are all excited about it. Michale Graves actually did my personal two favourite Misfits albums 'American Psycho' and 'Famous Monsters', these albums brought the Punk legends to a new audience and made them known with a new generation.

Tonight's setlist was not going to disappoint any fan, it was full of Misfits songs from all generations and material from Michale Graves other projects. If your a Misfits fan you would not be disappointed tonight because he plays a massive thirteen Misfits songs, not that you would notice the difference between them and his own material. Yes!!! his own material is that good. 

He comes to the stage with his Scarecrow hat, which he puts back on later in the set for the brilliant 'Scarecrow Man' and breaks into the brilliant 'Bedlam'. The place goes wild from start to finish, with everyone in the venue wanting to get to the front to hold his hand. The start of the set is full impact with my favourite song 'American Psycho', and other big hits 'Speak of the Devil' and 'Walk among Us'... which sound as good as they ever have done before. 

But if your not into chaotic songs, don't worry there is something for everyone with sing-a-long Rock 'n' Roll classics like 'Saturday Night, Descending Angels, Helena' and 'Teenage Monster'. Other highlights in his set include a brilliant version of 'Beware, Scream!' and one of my other favourites the Misfits anthem 'Crimson Ghost'. "You're never going to get me, I'm the Crimson Ghost" for me this is really special and I love every minute of it.

I have to say that Michale looks better than ever, with his make up perfect, and the emotion he puts into every song. Really grips you into his performance, he is a really nice guy and he comes across so well 
onstage. You just can't help loving him, and the fact he spends hours after he played to sign autographs and meet fans for FREE is just something special. And as I leave the London, Underworld... I realise I have seen something quite special and met one of my boyhood heroes and a singer that is a Horror Punk legend.

Michale Graves - Setlist 

American Psycho 
Speak of the Devil
Walk Among Us 
The Beginning of the End
When Worlds Collide
Saturday Night 
Pumpkin Head 
Living Hell 
Teenage Monster
3 Days 'til Dawn
Crimson Ghost 
Scarecrow Man 
Descending Angel 
Lost Skeleton
Dig up her Bones 

Review and Photo's by Dan Devour

Check Out! the Video for 'Scream!' Below...


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