Moretta - What's left means Nothing

July 28th 2017
(CD Album Review)


If 'What's left means Nothing', where does it leave Moretta?

The first track 'This Feeling', which is only just over two minutes long. Gives you the feeling that 'What's left means Nothing' is going to be a very different album than it actually is. So if you are using this as a guide to what the rest of the album is going to be like, then don't because the rest of the record is very different. This is a very slow Indie intro and the rest of the album is at much higher tempo, mixing up Emo / Nu-Metal and Metalcore. 

Second track 'At one Point' Emo Linkin Park meets Kill Hannah, it is a really well put together Rock song. With it's echoing vocals and rhythm on the track... it makes a good start to the album. 'Death Wish' and 'Make me Suffer' are similar tracks to 'At one Point', actually at one point and other times you think your still listening to the same track. Which I can't say is a good thing, You actually get that impression quite a lot of the way through the album... which you might think I contradict later in the review. The thing is they do mix up the genres, but they do the same mix up in most of the songs and it just get's a little tedious and makes the album a little hard to listen to.

'Headstone Remore' and 'Modern day Coward' are more Metalcore / Screamo songs, that acts like We came as Romans, Memphis May Fire, The Word Alive and Miss May I would be happy to have in their arsenal. You have the screaming vocals and you have the melody vocals, they are both very well done. You can't really fault the vocals and the guitar arrangements, but I would have to say I have heard it all before though. A lot of bands in this genre are just sounding too familiar recently.

When of the best tracks on the album is the catchy 'Hurricane', which stick more in your head... than other songs on the record which are just a little stagnant. I do feel I am drifting off near the end of the record, which makes me want to 'Cue the Silence' a little. Ironically one of the tracks near the end of the album. So I don't know how many people will actually get to the tracks near the end like 'Codependent and Heartbreak', Revive the Broken' and 'Unknown'... which actually three of the most interesting tracks on the record.

I do find at times Moretta don't really know what their identity is, it's good to mix up the genres... but if they are mixed too much... they just get confusing.  I have to say this would not be an able I would personally listen to again, it kind of leaves me a little uptight and uneasy and I don't know why. All I have let to say is... please 'Cue the Silence'!!!.

Review by Greg Avery

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