Nile - Blasting you back into your tomb!!!

April 8th 2016
London, Boston Music Rooms (The Dome), UK


Produce another deafening ​live show!!!

Nile **** The funny thing about Nile at this age is how different they look to how they sound, if you saw a video of tonight’s performance with the sound muted you’d think they were local band playing a cover of 'Freebird'... with that being said they are one of Death Metal’s premier league bands and they make what they do look so easy and they plummet London tonight.

It’s just amazing how at ease and laid back they look while they do it, but I guess this is why they are so popular. Hot on their latest album 'What should not be Unearthed' still fresh in many listeners’ ears, you know that they have a wide selection of songs to choose from.

Opening with 'Sacrifice unto Sebek', the band play with thundering precision and just when it starts to get a bit much they break into a great anthemic chorus or passage with the Egyptian tone that they are known for.

Behind what can only be described as every drummer’s perfect Christmas present Nile’s secret weapon, the almighty George Kollias who is easily the finest drummer in Metal today, the guy is a machine. Front man gives food for thought and points out the diversity of tonights crowd and that metal is a brotherhood that the rest of the world could learn something from.

'Evil to cast out Evil' from the band’s latest album proves to be a later day classic by the crowd’s reaction which in fairness is one of the more instantly catchy songs by the band. Finishing with the awesome 'Black seeds of Vengeance' the band exit leaving the audience battered and bruised and mummified! (Sorry I just couldn’t resist!).

Nile - 'What should not be Unearthed' tour (Part 2) Setlist
Ushabti Reanimator 
Sacrifice unto Sabek 
Defiling the gates of Ishtar 
Hittite dung Incantation 
Call to Destruction 
In the name of Amun 
The Howling of the Jinn 
What should not be Unearthed
The Inevitable degradation of the Flesh 
Evil to cast out Evil 
Unas slayer of the Gods
Black seeda of Vengeance

Review by Joe Denby 

Check Out! the Video for 'Sarcophagus​' Below...


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