Onward Chariots - This is my Confession

(CD Album Review)


Very interesting album musically!!!

The 'Opening' instrumental is just breathe taking and really grabs you in, Before it breaks into controlled chaos on 'This is my Confession I' which repetitive beat is taken into a Beatles sounding break off melody before going repetitive again. They continue with this song later on in the album 'This is my Confession II' which is less in your face and more laid back and equally as good. They end the album with 'Confession III' which I think is the end to this trilogy and it twiddles out the album and brings to end a concept that really works.

This band have a very British sound even though they come from New York in America mixing 90's Indie with 60's sounding Psychedelic Rock and the mid sound of The Beatles. I love that they have a song about the actor Mel Gibson simply entitled 'Mel Gibson' this song makes me laugh and has a 70's Rock sound to it and in a way sounds like the theme tune to a TV sitcom a bit like 'Cheers'... A sitcom about Mel Gibson what a crazy idea, but I would watch it out of curiosity. I really like how this band can go from 60's to 70's to 90's to boss a nova in a flip of the coin, shows they come from a great musical background and they have great harmonies on all their tracks.

They have hints also of a more slightly less Poppy version of Fountains of Wayne mixed with artistic hints of bands such as the Eels, Camera Obscura and the Felt Tips. All these influences make them really interesting I love the catchy 'I just met a Girl' which sounds like a really old track but it was recorded recently this song will be going round my head all day. Some of their songs have an instrumental feel to them and the vocals on top are just icing on the cake, this is a really interesting band to listen to and I love the way they try loads of things new. They might not hit the heights of topping the charts but are good to listen to and to see how Classically musically trained one band can be, and the fact they bring so much into their sound is a bonus. This is worth checking out it's a barrage of good influences put onto one album.
Review by Dan Devour

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