As paradise Falls - Release a brand new album

July 21st 2017

Australian Metal's As paradise Falls bring on a 'Digital Ritual' 

As paradise Falls reveal details for their brand new album 'Digital Ritual', which will be out on July 21st 2017. The unstoppable Australian Metal outfit As paradise Falls have revealed the album art, tracklisting, and release date for their long awaited new full length album ‘Digital Ritual’. The album was produced by Shane Edwards (Northlane, Trophy Eyes, Hellions) at Karma Sound Studios, and consists of eleven brand new songs. While recording ‘Digital Ritual’ in late 2015, the band’s guitarist Glen Barrie suddenly passed away.

After clawing their way back from immense tragedy, the new album will finally see a release on July 21st 2017 through Eclipse Records.

“After everything that’s happened, releasing the album is a very emotional process, we’re stoked about finally sharing it with the world, but at the same time we’re anxious about whether we’ve done everything we can to preserve Glen’s legacy. We’re very thankful that Shane produced our album. He knows exactly how to push us to our limits as musicians, getting the best out of us. He has the unique ability to place an idea of ours in his hands, and from there it just flourishes into something brilliant.” - Danny Kenneally (As paradise Falls)

‘Digital Ritual’ is already available for pre-order via iTunes and Amazon. Either option comes with the songs 'Star Blind' and 'Digital Ritual' as instant grat tracks. The album is also available to Pre-Order via Google Play. The single ‘Star Blind’ is already streaming via Spotify and Apple Music too. Additional options and information about Digital Ritual will be forthcoming at Eclipse Records. For more information on As paradise Falls, please visit the band on Facebook or Twitter and follow them on Spotify.

'Digital Ritual' tracklisting Below: 
01 Digital Ritual
02 Balance
03 Star Blind
04 The Ultimate Consumer
05 Automated Sacrifice
06 Glory to the Server
07 Reborn
08 Dead Message
09 Hysteria
10 Pride and Disgrace
11 Captive to the Creation

Check Out! the Video for 'Star Blind' Below...