PIG - Prey & Obey

June 12th 2017
(CD EP Review)


I think it's time I obey PIG and buy this EP

I have to say I am a massive fan of Raymond Watts and his band PIG, they are one of the biggest influences on my own band Death Valley Scars. So I was really excited about the EP 'Prey & Obey', and I have to say I was not disappointed. 

The EP opens with the title track 'Prey & Obey', which sounds like a cross between Ministry and Sisters of Mercy. I am talking these two bands at the height of their fame, think Sisters of Mercy 'Floodland' gone Industrial, yes it is that good. It is a real dancefloor filler, and makes you wonder why it took them eleven years since 'Pigmata' (2005) to release 'The Gospel' (2016).

Ok they did release some Japanese only EP's , but you can only get these on import in the UK. Well it was a long wait for me, but Raymond... never disappeared he was out their doing other things. But we did get a splash of PIG with his brilliant remix EP's with Primitive Race and Marc Heal, which both SOLD OUT!!! in record time.

I love that the chugging guitars you heard on the opener, continue onto 'The Revelation'. The track is even more evil, and I love the backing church Esq. vocals and the rhythm... which is hypnotic. In places it has a Thrash Metal and soundtrack feel to it, but this is Industrial Metal at it's best. It is nasty, it has a repetitive rhythm and it sounds like it was recorded in the 90's. Well with 2017 amazing production, this is a modern day PIG.

The band have gone a long way since touring with Nine inch Nails (NIN) and collaborating with KMFDM, but is working again with En Esch (Pigface / Slick Idiot / Mona Mur), Guenter Schulz (KMFDM / Excessive Force / Schulz / Slick Idiot​), Z.Marr (Combichrist) and newly added touring musician Galen Waling (Left spine Down / Julien-K / Hate Dept). 

The third track on the EP 'The Cult of the Chaos', continues the religious feel of the previous two tracks. It is a little slower, but really sets an apocalyptic feel of a futuristic wasteland. Where the World is taken into an existence of chaos, and all that is left is religion and a wasteland of torment. Some of the atmospheric sounds are just simply breathtaking and it has a 80's Fields of the Nephilim feel to it, mixed with modern day Electronica, Darkwave and Industrial. The lyrics really stick in your head, this is a track you will be listening to for years to come. 

The EP finishes with three awesome club remixes 'Prey & Obey' Leather Strip and En Esch: Mix A mixes and Z.Marr Electronic mix of 'The Revelation'. These are totally set up for clubs in Germany, USA and of course down at Slimelights. These three will be killer cuts for your Friday or Saturday night, if you like to Dance these will get you moving your feet.

I have to say I loved this EP and have to have this in my collection, I think it's new and fresh and is what all Industrial fans have been waiting for. This EP is the best thing I have heard since the bands album 'The Gospel' and Skinny Puppy's 'Weapon', it is that good. So if you have not bought your copy yet, I advise you do.

Review by Dan Devour

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