Primal Scream - Get loaded in Bristol!!

3rd September 2016
Clifton Downs, Bristol, UK


The Primals are back at their best!!!

Primal Scream **** were main support to Massive Attack for their show on Clifton Downs, and one that most of the fans will be familiar with both really making themselves household names in the 1990’s. Having not seen them in a while... I was intrigued to see some of the new members following Mani returning to the Stone Roses amongst other changes.

On the bands Wikipedia page (if you choose to trust it) it shows that Primal Scream have sixteen former members... that's quite a few.  But it has been the core of Bobby Gillespie, Martin Duffy and Andrew Innes that has been keeping them going for the last three decades.

As with all the acts for this festival, it was in the rain so they would have to work to get the crowd on side and not join the bar queue, although when the bar queue was about half a mile long the job should be easier.

They got things underway with an old favourite of ‘Movin’ on Up’ swiftly followed by ‘Where the light gets in’ and another old stalwart (no not Bobby Gillespie) but ‘Jailbird’ with new member Hannah Marsden providing backing vocals.

Camille Berthomier of Savages joined them shortly later before the pumping sounds of ‘Swastika Eyes’ filled the air with it’s Dance / Rock sound that has defined this band for a number of years. Of course it was all brought to a conclusion to the tunes that no Primal Scream can be complete without, namely ‘Loaded’ and ‘Rocks’ which had them reminding us how they have been so enduring.

In all honesty they are not the best live band and Bobby’s vocals are not what they once were but they get away with it by giving us hit after hit that we have danced to in the clubs for the last twenty years.

They are almost an institution now and still draw the crowds. It still works for me as long as we can keep getting “loaded and have a good time”.

Review by Jon Cooper and Photo's by Steve Owen

Check Out! the Video for 'Where the light gets In' Feat. Sky Ferreira Below...