Pro-Dot - Is an exciting new talent!!!

Best new artist on the streets since Professor Green
London, Wireless Festival, UK

Dan Devour asks the new man on the streets Pro-Dot how he writes his music and about being the next Mike Skinner!!!

Music Trespass: What is Pro-Dot all about?

Pro-Dot: My Names Pro-Dot I do cheeky British Pop.

Music Trespass: Who are your influences?

Pro-Dot: I suppose at the moment the closest to the sound I do, would be something like a male Lilly Allen. Maybe even a little bit of Streets cause I do rap as well. Growing up listening to countless Streets albums has really been a big influence on me. I think my favourite song by the Streets would have to be 'Stay Positive' or 'Dry your Eyes' though’s are great songs. I think with ‘Kidulthood’ 'Stay Positive' had a big effect, that film gave it a bit more of a meaning.

Music Trespass: What are you listening to at the moment?

Pro-Dot:  Everything!!! So many different influences, I really like the whole Electro-Pop Scene. I think the day I played the Wireless Festival was the best day to play you got that whole dirty dancing dub sound going on which is what I love. I am really into my dance music at the moment playing with Deadmau5 was crazy and also Knife Party was great for me.

Music Trespass: Have you got any records coming out?

Pro-Dot: My first debut single is coming out about a month from now. We haven't set a release date but it's called 'Shy' there is an exclusive version of the song up on you tube at the moment. If you go to you can check that out there. It will be available for download to but we are going to go for hard copies too. I wanted for my first single something that someone could keep I like vinyl. We don't actually sample a lot of vinyl ourselves cause now with technology going on so far. We went through the whole mini disc thing and sampling off mini discs, but now a lot of our music is original so guitars and bass and drums everything live.

Music Trespass: How do you come up with the Music?

Pro-Dot: A lot of the guitar I write myself I can't really play but I know the basic chords so I can song write with a guitar. Also I can do a little bit of piano, I know a few chords. I can tinker of the ivories, we recently got a guitarist involved in the whole Prodot band so I am going to do a lot more songwriting with proper musicians cause I am clearly not a proper musician I am just a happy go lucky guy.

Music Trespass: Tell us about the Album?

Pro-Dot: The album is called 'A longtime Coming' and it has been a long time coming, but now we are just getting to the stage that we are half way through. We recording at home in our studio which is a very small room which sometimes gets a bit cramped. We take over two days to record a track. We are very lucky cause all our stuff is being mixed by James F Renolds same guy behind Tinnie Tempah’s album who is very influencial on what we are doing. He gets our stuff to a very good sound and then he just adds that little bit of polish to it, I think he has brough a cleadniess to our sound he just makes it sound bang tidy.

Music Trespass: What's next for Pro-dot?

Pro Dot: Obviously we have got the single coming up! We have planned our second single and we are doing music videos for everything. I think just keep watching we will be hitting the live circuit because this is going to be the start of our live year. We are going to get ourselves out their taking our music to the people.

Questions and Interview by Dan Devour

Check Out! The Video for his new single 'Shy' below...