RavenEye - Impress as support to Bush

September 21st 2017
London, o2 Forum, UK


Full out Rock 'n' Roll show!!!

RavenEye ***1/2 are here at the London, Forum in Kentish Town as support to Brit Rockers Bush. Bush are a massive band in America, so it is quite an honour for RavenEye to open up for them on their UK tour. RavenEye are a Rock / Blues band formed in Milton Keynes in 2014, and consist of Oli Brown (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Aaron Spiers (Backing Vocals / Bass) and Adam Breeze (Drums). 

You can see from start to finish that RavenEye want to make a name for themselves, and that they will go out all tour to impress. I also saw as I was leaving at the end of the night, that they were still at the merchandise booth... meeting fans and signing autographs. This is a band that has the right attitude, and they show this through their set tonight.

I have to say there are a lot of bands that have a similar sound to RavenEye, the mix of AlterBridge with The Black Crows and Southern Blues and Rock. Has got very popular in the last few years, the only difference between The RavenEye and a lot of these bands is that they have great stage presence, and know how to put on a good show without going out of time.

I have to say I am not convinced by the bands name RavenEye, I think they could have come up with something better. It reminds me too much of the band The Raven Age, who have been making waves recently too. I actually keep getting the two confused, I do wonder how many Iron Maiden fans. Turned out earlier thinking they were going to see Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) son George Harris in his Metal band. I think this would be a shame, because RavenEye could possibly be a British act to break the American music market in the future.

RavenEye already have a full studio album 'Nova' (Frontiers Records), and a self released EP 'Breaking Out' to draw songs from. They have showed with singles like the brilliant 'Hero', which you can see and hear at the bottom of this page and 'Come with Me' and the early 'Breaking Out'. You can see that RavenEye are a really promising band. Tonight they go crazy on stage, jumping over each other... on the drum kit, into the crowd and anywhere they can possible go. 

They really don't want to leave the stage, they are enjoying every minute of it. Singer Oli talking to the crowd like a veteran in his game, not someone that has only been in the music business for three years. Live they sound even more like AlterBridge, a sound that seems to go down very well with the Bush fans. So by the time they have come to the end of their set, I think they have won over a lot of new fans. I think this is a band that is going places, so let's see in a couple of years if they have hit the big time. But for now I advise you go see them live, while you can still get tickets for a reasonable price.

Review by Dan Devour and Photo's by Dezadie

Check Out! the Video for 'Hero' Below...


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