The Red Paintings - Enjoy a night free of Terrorist attacks

June 4th 2017
London, Dingwalls, UK


The 'Deleted Romantic' tour kicks off in London 

The Red Paintings ***1/2 are a band we have been following here at Music Trespass Magazine for quite a few years now. They are a band that are not scared of reinventing themselves, which they have done countless times. Some more successful than others. Tonight show in London is the first on their excessively large 'Deleted Romantic' tour, and they are playing the London, Dingwalls in the heart of Camden.

A venue I have been to many times before. Lead by the infamous Singer / Songwriter Trash McSweeney, a man that is not scared of getting political. The Red Paintings are most definitely not boring, they have so many interesting dimensions to their characters and performances and a back catalogue of songs that can only be described as outstanding.

All this making them a band, that should never be taken off your radar. If you have never heard of The Red Paintings before then you will be pleased to find out that they mix the sound of 90's Grunge with Art-Rock and Alternative Rock, and a pure determination to take over the World. Of course taking one day at a time, but maybe today isn't the day to start this. Because of the terrorist attacks last night at London, Bridge their is only twenty people in attendance... at tonight show.

Also you will be shocked to hear that Violinist / Backing Vocalist Alix's mum was stuck in the middle of all the chaos of this attack, with the terrorists knocking on the doors and windows of the resteraunt that she was in. Saying all this the band start off well with some of their best material and their cover of the Michael Jackson 'They don't really care about Us' which is just simply brilliant, and this is coming from someone that doesn't really like covers that much.

The bands 'Alice is Wonderland' inspired track 'Streets fell into my Window', is always a live favourite that doesn't disappoint, like 'Wasps' with it's great line  "What am I trying to say?" ... well this is a band with a lot to say. Even if you don't agree with everything they have to say. 'Wasps' and 'It is as it Was' lyrics always hit a nerve with me, they are up-tempo numbers and again really do have something to say... and I think that is very important these days.

Their newish drummer did struggled on a few songs, when previous drummers with the band have not, on tracks like 'Wasps' and 'Fall of Rome' but Alix's brilliant violin solo during the later really makes up for this and saves the day.

The bands cover of the Tears for Fears song 'Mad World', which was covered by Gary Jules for the Donnie Darko movie soundtrack, is what the fans seem to really want and is their most popular track on Spotify (We can't understand this, because their own material is much better). They get a fan - Mollie-Ann Starr up to help out with the "For your Protection" speaking bit in 'The Revolution is never Coming',  the song they always seem to end their set on. It's really good but not as dramatic as when they had their previous Japanese drummer doing it.

They end the performance with an acoustic version of the track the tour took it's name from 'Deleted Romantic', which ends the performance quite nicely. You can already purchase this song as a limited edition 7inch from the bands website, in really nice packaging so I advise you do.

Sadly tonight they stage setting is too dark, but the costumes made by Academy Costumes - London are really beautiful, they have also made outfits for Lady GaGa. The Red Paintings are a band going places, so watch this space in the future for more info on them. I don't think this was one of their classic performance by the band, I have seen them much better... like on The Birthday Massacre tour, but I don't think you have seen the best from this band yet, so keep checking them out. In a World of increasingly bland music, you need a band like The Red Paintings because they also do something interesting.

The Red Paintings - Setlist
God save Silence
Chinese Whispers
They don't really care about Us
It is as it Was
Streets fell into my Window
Surreal Opus
Fall of Rome
Mad World
Arctic is Screaming
You're not one of Them
The Revolution is never Coming
Deleted Romantic (Acoustic)

Review and Photo's by Dan Devour and Dezadie

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