The Resistance - Rise from Treason

(CD Album Review)


Brining it back to the sound of the 90's with a little of something new!

Starting off sounding like your back in the 90's and it's Biohazard time with their hit 'Tales from the Hardside' and quickly picking up the pace! This is 'My Fire' and it has a really catchy Hardcore riff that you can find yourself chanting while moving your fists up and down. This EP has hints of In Flames on it. It's no doubt these hints come out when two of In Flames most infamous members Jesper Strömblad and Glenn Ljungström are providing the guitar sound to The Resistance and it is a great new sound they have created.

I say new but, I am meaning different sounds blended together in this way is quite unique and it really works like on the second track 'Face to Face' has a riff that you could compare toMelodic Thrash... and is chaotic and the vocals are straight at you and incrediable and cross over genres. The title track 'Rise from Treason' continues in the same vain of persistance but has lots of different dynamics to it while ;ast track 'Slugger' is just that it's a hard hitting track that bands like Charger and Raging Speedhorn would both be proud of, verging on 90's Hardcore and Crust. This is a great debut by new band The Resistance and well worth checking out.

Review by Dan Devour

Listen! to the Track for 'Face to Face' Below...