Revolting C**ks - Have a party in London

August 26th 2017
London, Islington o2 Academy, UK

Welcome to 'Big sexy Land' !!!

Revolting C**ks *** the American / Belgium / Scottish Industrial Rock band are back in the UK to tour their thirteeth anniversary of one of their difinitive albums 'Big sexy Land'. They are a legendary 
Industrial band that have featured so many big names in them over the years. These have included other names that didn't play tonight including Al Jourgensen (Ministry), William Riefin (Ministry, R.E.M, KMFDM, Pigface, Nine inch Nails, King Crimson) and the artists that have toured with them iin the past s outstanding Trent Reznor (Nine inch Nails), Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy), amongst other stars of the Industrial genre. 

So their is quite some anticipation for tonight's performance at the London, o2 Academy in Islington which is totally SOLD OUT!!!. The place is totally buzzing and everyone really does not know what is 
in store for them tonight. The first half of tonights set see's Richard 23 (AKA Richard JK) from Front 242 on vocals and the second half of the set see's Chris Connelly (Finitribe / C**ksure) on vocals. This works quite well with Richard's steady rhymic Industrial vocals, being so different from Chris' chaotic Punk vocals.

The rest of the band consits of Paul Barker of Ministry fame on Bass, Jason Novak also from C**ksure on keyboards and Dan Brill on Drums.Sadly Luc Van Acker (Shriekback / Primitve Race) who was billed on the posters didn't seem to be in attendance tonight, well I didn't see him... maybe he was at the bar. I don't think any of us will ever know, but I know people would have been disappointed by his absence. 

Like football tonight's performance really is a game of two half's, for me the second half is the better. But this is only a personal preference in vocals, because my friends in attendance tonight really love Richard 23. I also can't see anything wrong with his performance, he does what he does... and for the Front 242 fans in the house he is spot on. I just have in the last couple of years fallen in love with Chris Connelly's band C**ksure, so his half is more my cup of tea. I also love the fact he has Jason Novak from C**ksure on the keyboads, which makes the set more enjoyable for me personally. 

I do like Richard's robotic movements on stage, as he get's the crowd moving. I have to say I would like to have listened to 'Big sexy Land' more before I went to the show. The Revolting C**ks are a band that I really should know more about, they are a band that everyone always tells me to listen to. I have tried and I do know some of their material, but for me bands like Skinny Puppy, Front line Assembly and PIG always had more of an impact. But maybe these bands and others, would not be shaped the same way as they are. If it wasn't for the Revolting C**ks. 

The difference of the two half's really could not have been more different, the sensible and polished rhymic timing of the songs with Richard 23, and the careless crazy mess of Chris Connelly who is sporting a very Gay pink looking tight t-shirt. This makes songs like 'Beer, Steers and Queers​' , which is the song named after a line in the Richard Gere movie 'Officer and a Gentleman'  and the bands cover of '(Let's Get) Physical' by John Travolta and Oliver Newton John even more enjoyable. Other great moments in the bands set included an awesome version of 'TV Mind' and 'Cattle Grind', and of course the steady dirty bass provided by Paul Barker

The set is climaxed when both vocalist come back to the stage for a rather chaotic and totally out of time, version of the Rod Stewart 'Da ya think I'm Sex?'. I have to admit it is totally terrible, but brilliant at the same time. You can't believe something so bad could be so good, but this is one of though's moments. Tonight's show was really one for the fans, and I could see many that really loved it. But if you wanted a set that was hard hitting and the music was pitch perfect, this was not it. This was a chaotic party, Revolting C**ks style... the question is... was the party for them or for us.

Revolting C**ks - Setlist

Richard 23 on Vocals

We shall clease the World 
Attack ships on Fire
Union Carbide
TV Mind 
You ofton Forget
No Devotion

Chris Connelly on Vocals

Cattle Grind
(Let's Get) Physical 
Stainless steel Providers
Crackin' Up
Something Wonderful 
Beers, Steers and Queers 

Richard 23 and Chris Connelly on Vocals
Do ya think I'm Sexy?
Something Wonderful 

Review and Photo's by Dan Devour 

Check Out! the Video for 'Beer, Steers and Queers​' Below...