Ringo Starr - Give more Love

September 15th 2017
(CD Album Review)

Four Starr's for this one!!!

Ringo Starr announced details of his new album 'Give more Love' on his birthday July 7th, and for Ringo and Beatles fans this might be his most anticipated yet. You would not believe that 'Give more Love' is Mr. Starr's nineteenth studio album and was recorded at his home studio in Los Angeles. The album features ten new tracks, some of which are collaborations with friends including Beatles band mate Paul McCartney, Richard Marx, Dave Stewart, Joe Walsh, Edgar Winter, Steve Lukather and Peter Frampton amongst others.

Ringo was always my favourite Beatles member, he invented off beat drumming and other drum techniques. These drumming inventions made me want to learn the drums and learn more about the Liverpudlian. One of the first things I have to say is I love the artwork, it's modern art mixed with 80's art and it has a really good Rock / Pop vibe to it. I remember Boy George doing similar artwork on his album 'Cheapness and Beauty', and I always found that striking... so I think this one really stands out to. Paramore also did a similar cover for their successful 'Riot' album, so it's nothing new... but doesn't half look good.

Boy George 'Cheapness of Beauty' - Album Cover (Pictured Above)

'We're On the road Again' the opening track to the album, is great it's old time Rock 'n' Roll. Think a cross between Status Quo and Hanoi Rocks mixed with The Beatles and you have it. It's a good time on the road in your car traveling song and I love it. Ringo's vocals sound better than ever on the track 'Laughable', which is actually one of my personal favourites on the record. I also like 'Show me the Way', which is a little Elton John Esq. and really good love song about friendship. This is a great well written song. The drumming at the beginning of 'Speed of Sound', shows Ringo at his best and the fills are incredible. The song itself is a toe tapper... that you won't be able to stop your feed tapping to.

This continues on silly song 'Standing Still, which is a great little ditty. Reggae / Dub Funky feel of 'King of Kingdom' is almost like a Paul McCartney Esq. children's song. It's really nice, I think your small kids would love this one. There is a nice message to the song to. I think this and other songs on the album really play up to the title of the album 'Give more Love'. You get a touch of classic Ringo Starr on 'Electricity' and 'Shake It', before your taken to the title track 'Give more Love'.

But we really can't forget the Country song 'So wrong for so Long', I really didn't know Ringo was into Country. This is a very traditional sounding Country and Western song, and the slide guitar is just killer. Now back to the title track 'Give more Love' an epic 60's sounding song about love, and the twist of turns of it... and how we all need to 'Give more Love' to the the people around us. Our friends and family, and people that care for us, and how we can help them all more. I don't really know how he could have chosen to put this track on just before 'Back off Boogaloo', it just doesn't really go. It is just a too up temp to go straight on to, after a song like 'Give more Love'.

Then to slow it down down again for 'Don't pass me By', and bring it back up for 'You can't fight Lightning'... you just feel like your on a rollercoaster ride... with loads of up's and down. I think maybe this album would have worked better, as a ten tracker. With him just picking the best tracks to put on it. I do quite like end track 'Photograph' Feat. Vandaveer, it is quite cool and chilled and gives a good fade out to the album.

My only criticism is that he goes through so many genres, their is not always the feel that is is an album about a subject. But also the songs are really good and I will give the record four Starr's, and that is funny cause on the Outside back of the booklet... their are multiple Ringo Starr's. It's an album worth adding to your collection, especially if your a Beatles of Ringo Starr fan.

Review by Dan Devour 

Listen! to the Track for 'We're on the road Again' Below...