Sanguine - Might have the recipe to succeed

March / April 2016
Tour, UK


'Raised by Wolves', but moved up the bill by American head Charge

Sanguine ***1/2 are a band coming out of Exeter, who have been causing quite a stir recently... with members of Iron Maiden and other big bands wanting to work with their charismatic singer Tarin Kerrey. So with these recommendations we were looking forward to catching them again.

Originally Sanguine where meant to be the opening act on this tour, but after American head Charge pulled out they have been moved up to main support. This is quite an opportunity for the band to show what they can do, but did they live up to the hype?. Sanguine have had quite a lot of live experience, supporting the likes of Megadeth on the big stage and playing big festivals like the UK's annual Metal outing Download.

I really think Sanguine have improved on their new record 'Black Sheep', with Tarin showing better sides of her voice. I prefer it when she sings softly and then brings it up a little with evil tones. Some of the high pitch screaming, is just too much and I think would put people off the band. They sing an early ditty about having sex in Thailand called 'Bangkok Nights' which has elements of System of a Down to it.

I really like the catchy fun bits that go in after the high pitched fast bits. This goes well along side songs like 'Pressure', which has a real groove to it and is a little bit of a bouncy!!! bouncy!!! festival song. Sanguine are actually big American head Charge fans, and as they toured the UK.

They had members of the audience coming up to them and asking them if they could play their cover. Being a band that want to give the fans what they want, they add their version of 'Loyalty' to the set taking out the track 'Empty' on some nights. Which is actually really good and Tarin has some added power to her vocals while doing it. 

I do think playing this song, shows a little lack in confidence though in a way and it makes you feel are they really ready for the main support. Maybe not enough people have heard their music yet, which is a real shame because they have some really good songs. Especially off the new album 'Black Sheep', like the Melodic 'Save Me' and the brilliant 'Raised by Wolves' which really has a kick to it.

Showing what she could do if she did a little more practice, I say this because she does struggle a little bit from exhaustion vocally for the final song in the set 'Social Decay', This is a shame, because it's a great song that ends the set really well. 

All in the all Sanguine showed some promise, and are a band I think you will hear more about in the future. They just need to decide if they are going to go forward and prove themselves as a main act rather than a support act. Only time will tell, but Sanguine are not a band to be over looked. 

Sanguine - Setlist 
Breaking Out 
Pretty Girl 
Bangkok Nights
Save Me
Raised by Wolves 
Loyalty (or they played 'Empty')
Social Decay

Review by Dan Devour and Photo's by Dan Devour and Dezadie

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