Sigur Ros - Showing that Iceland are not only good at football

June 23rd 2016
Bristol, Harbourside (Summer Series), UK


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On the day that Britain was deciding its fate with regards to Europe there was a cross continental degree of harmony by the river in Bristol as Icelandic band Sigur Ros wowed the crowds. Don’t worry this isn’t going to be veiled political essay masquerading as a review and I know that Iceland is not in the EU, but maybe what it does show is we should value people who they are and what they actually do rather than where they are from.

Right back to the music, while down the road in Glastonbury everybody was waist deep in mud, in Bristol the sun was shining and some laid back music what just what was needed. Sigur Ros have always been a perfect band for these sorts of events with their atmospheric, ethereal almost, sound that seems s to permeate the arena. It holds you from the start captivated never quite sure where the sound will go next.

They had quite a show to bring too, the stage looked a a bit like somebody had either left some of the scaffold up or a bizarre art installation with banks of lights towering over the three bands members who were all at the front of the stage. And what a light show it was co-ordinating perfectly with their melodies, maybe only down side being it wasn’t quite dark enough to truly appreciate it until about half way through.

The band played a mix of songs from across their career to date opening with their most recent single ‘Óveður’ (thanks to Google for helping me copy the accents etc) all the way back to their 2000 release ‘Ný batterí’ so something for everybody. The trademark violin bow on the guitar being both visually and musically pretty stunning too, the Bristol Summer Series crowd lapping it up.

They are a different sort of band to watch than most, they don’t have the sing along hits that the Kaiser Chiefs carried to the stage this time last year and that can make it a slightly more subdued atmosphere, but they are band to really appreciate the music and perhaps listen more than join in. As it got later that light show got more and more impressive as they continued the run through some of their back catalogue with ‘Hafsól’ making a late appearance in the set.

All too soon the night was over and the Summer Series would make way for Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Last Shadow Puppets over the weekend. Sigur RosPost Rock sounds had filled the hearts of many and certainly has a feel good sound about them and offer more of an all-round, almost Classical at times, performance and a truly memorable evening. 

Sigur Ros - Setlist
Ný Batterí

Review by Jon Cooper and Photo's by Steve Owen

Check Out! the Video for 'Óveður​' Below...