Skarlett Riot - Are a hot property!!! Scorching!!!

February 26th 2016
London, Underworld, UK
Winning over new fans, and hearts
Skarlett Riot **** one of the UK's brightest hopes, tonight support New Zealand's Devilskin. If you don't know them already they are a female fronted group that have supported big bands and played on the bill at festivals like DownloadReading / Leeds and Hard Rock Hell. I have to say I have no idea why they are not bigger than they are, because they have a very commercial sound... that would appeal to most new Rock fans.
They start their set with 'Divide Us' with amazing attitude despite the relatively empty venue at this point. By second song 'Wake Up', the small audience have woken up a little, So when Skarlett really goes for it. We can see she has a beautiful voice, and a beautiful appearance to match.
She quickly shows she is multi talented, when she picks up the guitar on 2014 track 'House of Cards'. But before that we are given a taster of what they can do with older Skarlett Riot classic 'Villain', this has fast become a live favourite for them and one that I had been listening to a lot before attending the show. 
Their set is full of attitude and rebelliousness that the fans lap up. The songs that really got the crowd chanting along with, was 'Cascade' and new song 'Voices' which was also delivered flawlessly. All in all, a fantastic performance from a great up and coming act that no doubt won them some new fans tonight. I know I would go and see them again, so I am sure they will soon be getting an even bigger following.
Skarlett Riot - Setlist 
Divide Us
Wake Up
House of Cards
Review and Photo's by Colm Browne 
Check Out! the Video for 'Rising' Below...

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