Skeletonwitch - Forever Abomination

(CD Album Review)


Skeletonwitch up the ante on their latest album!

It's hard to believe Skeletonwitch have actually been going for ten years! Their still thought of as a new band. Especially in the last five years they have been touring non stop with practically everyone. Their albums have been getting better with every release keeping the same vision but refining it more every time. Walking the fine line between modern day Thrash Metal, think Rob Dukes era Exodus. Mixed with old school Death Metal, think Chris Barnes era Cannibal corpse. Add to the mix Chance Garnette's blackened screaches finishes things off with a bit of Black 'Metal' pepper! 

While their last album leaned slightly more to the Death Metal side of things their latest album "Forever Abomination" brings things more into balance and brings the Thrash element back to the forefront. Dare I say it theres some melody in here too! Don't threat, the band haven't gone commercial, theres just some sections and interludes that just add a darker atmosphere. 'Cleaver of Souls' in particular is a brilliant slice of metal taking the ferociousness of modern day Extreme Metal and the classic structure and melodies of the classics.

Skeletonwitch have delivered their strongest album yet and this should push them into headline territory.

Review by Joe Denby 

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