Sylosis - Are back at their best

March 8th 2016
Colchester, Arts Centre, UK


Sylosis show Essex the only way is Metal!!!

Sylosis **** It’s often asked nowadays who is going to step up and takes the places of the current top tier of Metal when the current Gods retire and/or die out. Well one prime example is right in front of us and is from our shores. Sylosis have grown up in public;

I personally have been following them since 2088’s 'Supreme Oppressor' EP and have seen them grow from a strong support act to a headlining premier league Metal act with four full length’s under their belt... not to mention the perfect 'Monolith'. 

Sylosis have everything it takes to go into the big leagues and to top it off they haven’t scarified a shred of integrity by watering down or commercializing their sound. The band comes on to the stage and blast into Indoctrinated like it’s the simplest thing on earth, you could argue that their professionalism has lost the band a bit of urgency and edge but it comes with the territory. 

The band attack their set like Swiss watchmakers and hearing songs from their catalogue strung together it really hits home watching them live how good songwriters they are. The infectious melody to sands of time for example and the chorus to 'Mercy'.

Josh Middleton plays his leads and solo’s exactly and I mean exactly like they are played on record, his ease on stage and the quality of his playing make him a modern day British Chuck Schuldiner and I do not make that comparison lightly. The crowd lap it all up with circle pits and walls of death galore.

New single 'Different masks on the same Face' on the same face” is actually a breath of fresh air with its straight forward approach. The real let down for the night is how short the bands set is, when they finish with a perfectly played 'Empyreal'. The band could easily have played another five songs and the atmosphere would have maintained, however if that’s the only complaint then you know you have been to a good show.

Sylosis are a band to be taken seriously, as well  as they are doing there are British bands that sing with fake American accents that are a lot bigger that Sylosis would blow offstage and it’s only a matter of time before they do.

Sylosis - Setlist
Sands of Time 
Different masks on the same Face
Fear the World
Stained Humanity 

Review by Joe Denby 

Listen! to the Tracks 'Different masks on the same Face' Below...


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