Therapy? - McKeegan gives you no mercy in the capital

September 1st 2017
London, Roundhouse, UK

Therapy? have so many 'Stories' to tell

Therapy? *** are a band that I really listened to when I was growing up, and tonight's setlist contained all the songs a younger version of myself would have killed to hear. Yes Therapy? give the fans what they want, from start to finish with songs like opener 'Stop it you're killing Me' and the big singles 'Die Laughing, Nowhere' and 'Stories', not to mention the powerful 'Knives'. 

I have seen Therapy? over the years a number of times, and tonight's show is good... but a little too similar to performances I have seen before. Plus the fact I think maybe they should move Singer / Guitarist Andy Cairns to centre stage and bring forward the extra guitarist which is almost behind a speaker to make their performance have 
more of an impact.

You do have to respect Michael McKeegan who is on fire tonight, trying to fill up the space on the stage. Thrashing his bass in the air at times and going totally crazy, he is a real showman. Also drummer Neil Cooper is really steady on the sticks, making tracks like their cover of the Joy Division song 'Isolation' really stand out. Along with other classics like 'Teethgrinder' and 'Turn',  which still have a great buzz around them.

I think what I have always liked about Therapy? is Andy's great on stage persona, which always shines across... especially in between songs with little words of wisdom. Also the fact he keeps going when he has technical difficulties with his guitar in the last songs. This shows he is a true professional, that knows how to command himself onstage.

By the amount of people that have turned up early to see Therapy?, including quite a few that have only come to see them. You think maybe this should have been a co-headline performance. But I have to say when I saw The Sisters of Mercy's show later you can see why they are only supporting tonight. I think this is a shame, cause I remember iconic shows at the London, Brixton Academy when Therapy? quite literally destroyed the place.

I think with a few changes Therapy? could do this again, they have a back catalogue of songs that any band would kill for. They just need to push themselves a little more. But after all this is said, I need some more Therapy?.

Therapy? - Setlist
Stop it you're killing Me
Still Hurts
Die Laughing
Potato Junkie

Review and Photo's by Dan Devour 

Check Out! the Video for 'Stories' Below...