Thunder on the Left - Another thundering act at the Black Heart

August 13th 2017
London, Black Heart, UK


Rap Rock is coming back!!!

Thunder on the Left **** The Black Heart in Camden, London is a venue known for great live shows and tonight is no exception. Female Grunge Rock band The Kut are playing the last gig of an extensive UK tour, and they have brought some really interesting support bands with them. 

It's a homecoming show for Thunder on the Left are a female fronted three piece. consisting of Carla (Guitar, Lead vocals), Adam (Bass, Vocals) and Arun (Drum, Vocals). Their sound comes a little bit from Nu-Metal and 90's Rap Rock... think Rage against the Machine fronted by a fizzbomb of female energy singer.

Front woman Carla wears red lipstick and leopard print ankle boots, and wealds her guitar like a weapon, which is a very strong look indeed. The rhythm like Sons who came on before them, is thunderous and infectious and the band are a loud Heavy Rock.

'Everybody is not Me' starts with a chant of "Trust your gut it's all you've got" and quickly turns into a huge, foot stamping monster of a tune. Showing they have gone a long way since their debut EP 'The Art of letting Go'. And they full force attitude comes over really well in the hot sweaty London venue. I think this band have a lot to offer and I would check them out again in the future.

Review by Lorna Cort and Ben Foster and Photo's by Lorna Cort

Check Out! the Video for 'Sick' Below...