Thundermother - Blast us with another slice of Rock 'n' Roll

February 23rd 2018

Thundermother to bring out a self / titled album!!!

Stepping out of their comfort zone on ‘Thundermother’, the band have recorded their first power ballad, the glorious ‘Fire in the Rain’, a track that emphasises the band’s ambition to expand their horizons and the push the band further than ever before. The album is due out on the 23rd of February on Despotz Records and is well worth picking up.

‘Thundermother’ is still the same great, high octane, 70’s breathing Rock ’n’ Roll that the band has spoiled us with since their 2014’s debut album, but this time the groove is deeper, the sound is incredible, and the songs are more memorable.

Thundermother are:
Guernica Mancini - Vocals / Filippa Nassil - Guitar / Emlee Johansson - Drums / Sara Pettersson - Bass

Check Out! the Video for 'We fight for Rock 'n' Roll ' Below...


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