Toseland - Cradle the Rage

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From Superbikes to Rockstar 

Superbike Champion Rockstar James Toseland, who is married to Katie Melua you know... is back with his new album 'Cradle the Rage'. The thing we all want to know is... is that is Toseland all hype, or do they have the songs to be up their with other great British Rock bands. Both his debut album 'Renegade' and EP 'Hearts and Bones' showed real promise, but is it 'Cradle the Rage', that will advance Toseland to the next level. 

The album opens with a quite Rockin' track called 'Too close to Call', which is a real stage move about 70's style Rock number... that shows off that James really does have a good voice. 'Cradle the Rage' is a harder hitting album than I expect with 'Puppet on a Chain' continuing with a fast moving groove and rhythm. I think Toseland have really grown as a band, since I first saw them at many shows all around London... when they first started. Back them no one really took them serious, with James just being known for being a motorcycle rider.

But I think since then, James Toseland and his band have really proved that he can give other Rock acts in the UK a run for their money and this album really proves that. The UK has not really had a good Classic Rock acts since bands like The Answer and Buffalo Summer first hit the live circuit. 'Living in a Moment' sounds like a 80's AOR version of Buckcherry, and is a song with a really great riff and catchy chorus to it. 'Fingers Burned' is a great Rock song about the troubles of love, it sounds great like the Classic Rock songs you heard when you were a kid by bands such as Aerosmith and Bon Jovi.

Sometime all we need is a slice of Soft Rock, and with this song Toseland sure know how to deliver it. The epic guitar sequence at the end is so classic it's funny, imagine the wind blowing through your hair while on top of a mountain playing your guitar and you have it. The beginning riff to 'Stranger Things' sounds like Guns 'n' Roses meets Finch, and again has a slight Buckcherry vibe to it. James really shows what he can do vocally on the Bon Jovi Esq. 'We'll stop at Nothing' and slow burner 'Never love Another' which is a great love ballad. 

He cranks things up Bruce Springsteen / Kip Moore style with 'Livin' a Lie' which is a great build up song, then I think the album takes a slight dive with 'Waiting for the Answers' and 'Nothin' you can do about It' which I feel he should have put on the B-Side to one of his singles and down the the album as ten tracks and added an intro or interlude into the mix. The end song and title track to the record 'Cradle the Rage' is a really interesting track and a great way to finish the album off ... mind my pun ... in a 'Blaze of Glory'!!!.

I think James Toseland might have what it takes to be the Britain's next big frontman, and 'Cradle the Rage' has the songs to go massive in the US if he lands the right tours. This is mainstream Soft Rock that could be played on mainstream radio, so this could take him up the bill quickly if played. Is 'Cradle the Rage' one of the best albums of 2016, it possibly could be cause each song is really good. 

Review by Dan Devour 

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