Treason Kings - Vale

(CD EP Review)


Filling the Foo Fighters gap!!!

I have to say I didn't know much about Treason Kings when I first heard this release, I had seen the name around the place... but I didn't know exactly what they genre of music they did. Well on this release it seems to be a brand of Grunge meets Indie meets Alternative Rock. Taking influences from the Foo Fighters, Feeder and other Rock acts of the same era. First track 'Circles' though I think does have it's own merits, especially as it moves along. Yes! it is Grunge but it is good Grunge!!! and it has all the elements you would want, even though it might not be something new.

Second track 'Castle' has a stop start temp, which after a while is a little annoying... but it is backed up by a really awesome chorus. This band sound as American, you just wouldn't believe that they are actually from Leeds. But I can understand with songs like 'Mouth to Mouth', why they were added to the BBC Introducing list, because it's a great Rock song. If this song had been released in the 90's I am sure it would have been a huge radio hit.

The band show that they are really talented on 'Settle Down', which is one of the better tracks on the 'Vale' EP. I used to really love this American Rock sound, and I know friends I will be recommending this to that I am sure will buy all Treason Kings CD's. They do really well on closer 'I won't Go', which is a fast paced song... that I think would work so well live and you can see why L7 wanted them to support them. This is the right song to close the EP on, which I have to admit I enjoyed more and more as it went on. I will keep an eye on what Treason Kings will do in the future.

Review by Dan Devour

Check Out! the Video for 'Circles' Below...