The Vigil - Bring Grunge back to London

London, Garage, UK


America make way for The Vigil

The Vigil come from Bristol, and have supported the likes of Puddle of Mudd, Everclear, Therapy?, Anvil and The Datsuns, to name a few... and just come off a UK tour supporting German Industrial Rock band Unzucht. On these tours and in the media they have been making waves, and been gathering a lot of attention from people in all the right places. One of these influential people was Nigel Pulsford (Bush), and we all know in America... Bush are so huge.

Selling millions of records and even seeing them play a legendary set at the Woodstock Festival back in 1999, alongside all the other biggest names in the music industry at the time including Rage against the Machine, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Kid Rock and many others.

Nigel ended up producing and playing guitar on their debut and current album 'Save our Souls', which has a old school Grunge and Stoner vibe to it. And emulates bands such as Nirvana, Silverchair, Bush and the Pixies to name a few. But they are no copycats they have created their own tint and sound, and even started their own record label Fever Dog Records. Which makes them a very interesting and promising prospect for the future. 

Singer / Guitarist Olly Smith does have a Kurt Cobain Esq. feel to his look and vocals, which are both striking and strong. But his singing voice also goes into other territories and goes exploring into Classic Rock and even a bit of Soul. Added on top of this Nigel Pulsford's signature sound, they have a winning formula... but the question is do they know how to deliver it.

I have to say their seems to be a strong difference, between their record and their live performances. With a more Grunge vibe coming across in their live show, and a more Stoner vibe on the record. This is even more strange because Nigel Pulsford, who like I said before played the guitar on the record... doesn't play with the band live (and I think his signature sound comes out more in their live performance, than on the record).

The Vigil have a new guitarist in the form of the crazy / erratic Robbie Schuck​ for their live shows, and he really brings across this sound in his performance live. The sound I think they were trying to get across on the record, and is a great addition to the band. I know he is a full time member and I am sure he will be playing on the bands next studio recordings. He really has great energy live, and thinks enhances a performance by the band that doesn't have the energy tonight that it should have.

I think this is because they are tonight supporting Yashin and are the first band on, with very bad lighting and sound. You can actually hardly see the band and they are really squeezed together with a drum kit separating members, which really kills connections and interactions between band members.

Check Out! the Video for 'Do you feel Alive' Below...